There are so many brands of deodorants out there and I know most people are pretty satisfied and haven't switched in years. However, what if I share with you that most brands of deodorant are full of aluminum and parabens? And that those two ingredients have been linked to breast cancer, especially in women? Would you take a second look at what you're using?

I have tried a few different 'all natural' deodorants before like Tom's. The only problem was, they didn't work. I was super stinky! Enter, my new favorite product, Native. Native was started by two sisters here in the United States after one sister got pregnant and started watching what she was putting in and on her body. The product is aluminum and paraben free, has the most amazing scents to pick from AND is made right here in the U.S.A!!

Now, $14 for a deodorant might seem steep but if you sign up for the auto ship program (3, 6 or 12 months) then it is only $10 and did I mention free shipping? I know that might seem expensive still but to pay more for something made and formulated by two other women here in the US and it's made here... I'll pay it. I'll let you know that I'm currently on the 3 month program and have been using the Coconut & Vanilla... and it's heavenly! LOVE me some coconut. They also have rose pedals, a citrus scent, a musty/ woodsy smell for guys and more.

Yes, it works. Is your body different than mine though? Yes. Native says it takes about two weeks for the your body to adjust to the natural ingredients of the product. Think switching from McDonald's daily to only salads. I've been using it for fours days and so far so good! I truly encourage you to take a look at what you are using and ask yourself if you like what it would be doing to your body. Then, take a peek at, look at the reviews and decide if you want to make the switch. I highly recommend you do!