Do you do weird stuff in your sleep or is it just my family? For the past few years when I wake up in the am I notice I have a handful of glasses of water. Some I remember getting (like the first one) the rest I have no idea when or how I got them. I wake up feeling like the little girl from the Movies Signs... this one is contaminated... so I must just get up and sleep walk myself to the kitchen and grab another. Weird I know. Who sleep walks and gets water?!

I was telling my mommy about it the other day and she pretty much said our whole family has a weird thing they do in their sleep. Example number one my Uncle Mike moves furniture in his sleep. No joke and not little things like and end tables, but big things like dressers and chairs. Example number two my little brother seems to tell on himself in his sleep. I remember when he was in High School and he didn't make it home on time and could not keep his lie straight. So as soon as he was out my mom started asking questions and he told her everything he did and everyone he was with! Sweet mom trick right there! As you can see from the picture my dogs also do weird stuff in their sleep. Like sleep like they are a bunch of puzzle pieces. Also have super puppy dreams and run like crazy deep in their dreams. I bet my house looks like the scene from Step Brothers when we are all asleep.... why are their pillows in the stove and a purse in the fridge haha Do you do anything weird in your sleep or does anyone you know?