I need a little input from people who read this.

While stopped at a light on Friday night at the intersection of Central Avenue and 15th Street, I'm on the brink of being late and am headed west.

I pull up next to a silver, newer model Honda Pilot. The driver is a woman who looks to be the mother of one of the two teenagers sitting in the back seat.

At that light the young man, who looked to be roughly 13 or 14 years old, rolled down his window, looked me right in the eye and dropped his ice cream wrapper out the window, then laughed.

Here are my questions and thoughts.

1. What the heck is wrong with the woman driving the vehicle?

2. I really wanted to follow them, tell the mom what happened, then go back and have that little smart aleck pick up his trash.

3. What  legally can I do when I see this happen again?

I know what I WANTED to do.