Thus far, I am super impressed with the amount of booths and variety of booths at the Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market. Produce, spices, plants, meat, salsa, honey, juicing trucks, baked goods, and crafts. But, there is one thing missing that I love so much.... Flowers. People walking around with big fresh bouquets of flowers to take home and put on the kitchen table! Now, I'm assuming there is not such booth because of the climate here. I can see how it would be hard to grow large amounts and varieties of flowers.  But I know a lot of farmers market stands that import their flowers for the season because of growing stand backs.  I can also assume that maybe no one in the Billings area has a knack for making fresh arrangements or has been exposed to it.

However, that's not going to keep me from heading down every Saturday. I love it so much either way! Do you have any booths you'd like to see at the farmers market? Do you have a skill that needs to be seen?  For more info, click HERE.