The newspaper had a nice write-up on Bob Pratt today. He  is a truck driver for Agricultural Express here in Billings. He has traveled 3 MILLION miles behind the wheel. He did it without having a crash worth reporting. That's hard to do these days. Congratulations.

I think it's even more commendable when you're based out of a place like Montana, where we get a little more snow and ice here. And not too many people ever put those kind of miles on their resumes.

I've always admired people like Bob because my grandfather drove for Greyhound. I don't know how many miles he logged, but I do know that he went more than 30 years accident-free.

i drove buses for the Missoula school districts and for the Forest Service one fire-filled summer. So, I acknowledge the accomplishment.

But I also can't help but think about those drivers on the other end of the spectrum. I'm talking about the people who repeatedly run into their own garbage cans. People who can barley walk down the sidewalk without tripping and falling. People like my sister.

My little sister passed away five years ago, but was a great source of entertainment for the rest of our family. Michelle had quite a "wreck resume." She ran into other cars, garbage cans, yellow cement concrete posts, our moms car, at least one shopping cart and one sheriff's car in what could only be described as " a great big misunderstanding."

I'd love to hear about the great drivers that you know.