While at Walmart this weekend I realized that they send you home with a lot of plastic bags! I also didn't realize the amount of bags I've collected until I got home and pulled them out from under the sink. I decided I could probably make a hot air balloon out of the number I have (just kidding... but seriously).

I do believe that checkers could fit a few more items in each bag, reducing the number that I bring home, but ultimately I think I need to start bring my reusable shopping bags. Issaquah, the town I lived in just outside of Seattle, has a bag tax. Meaning all of the stores within city limits had to charge you 5 cents a bag. And those weren't for plastic. It was 5 cents for a paper bag. The city didn't even allow plastic bags at any retailers. I actually really enjoyed this because that means less plastic in the environment and it reduced the number of paper bags used because of the fee. I rarely saw people using the stores bags because everyone carried multiple reusable bags.

I have been wanting to start bringing mine but I didn't want to come across as the yuppie hippie from Seattle who makes their own mayonnaise or something. But now that I have accumulated enough plastic bags to fly away, I might need to revert! So, what do you do with all your plastic bags? Or do you even use store provided bags?