Okay, okay.  Don't be a hater now.  I know I am a bit behind the times to have this one be my "Hump Day Track", but I just couldn't resist.  I love this song!!

It's hilarious! The video, the song, every single thing about it ROCKS! If by chance, you've never heard this song before, than you are missing out my friend.  Unless of course, you have no sense of fun or humor.  In that case, you won't enjoy it at all!

Wikipedia has this to say about it:

In Norway, the homeland of Ylvis, "The Fox" became the duo's first entry on the VG-lista and eventually topped the chart for four consecutive weeks from September 20 to October 17, 2013.[34] In the U.S., "The Fox" debuted on September 12, 2013 on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 29, and at number 3 on the Streaming Songs chart.[35] It later reached the top spot on the Streaming Songs chart for the weeks ending October 19 and November 2.[36][37] The song in the following week has also broken into the Hot Digital Songs top 10 at number 8 with 108,000 downloads during the week and debuted on the On-Demand Songs chart, when it sits in the top 10 of Hot 100 for the third week

Now it's time to listen to it and see what you think of it yourself!

Well, what do you think?  Fun? Crazy? Annoying? Comment below and let me know!