Remember those? Ringback tones... The music that played while you waited for a friend to pick up their cell phone?  You could pick classical music or even get on and purchase your favorite song, which usually got you in trouble with your parents because you spent a dollar or two on them and they showed up on the next billing cycle. Oops!

I know for me, you had to pick a song that best represented who you were. Since I grew up in the middle of nowhere and most of my classmates were certified hicks, we had popular Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw songs. I even knew kids that would get new ones often so you didn't constantly have to listen to the same song. They were the cool kids!

As far as I know through research, a lot of the big cellular service carriers discontinued the service in 2014, in the United States at least. And I am assuming because no one calls anyone anymore! With text messages and Facebook we really aren't a talking bunch which is why I could see this fad wearing off. I swear though, sometimes I overhear people on the phone and hear the infamous orchestra music in form of a ringback tone.