Let me set the scene. Saturday night. My husband and I decided to give the Netflix series 'Stranger Things' a try and knew we would be in front of the television for quite a few hours. Instead of buying normal snacks to have while binge watching the show I said that I really wanted movie popcorn. And no, not the kind you buy at the store that says 'tastes like movie popcorn.' Actual popcorn from the movie theatre. Anyhow, we live two seconds away from the movie theatre in Shiloh Crossing so thought we would just pop over and grab a large bag and then head back home.

Opened the garage door to go outside and realized that a tsunami has ensured. But rather than go back inside and change out of my shorts and flip-flops, I just threw on my Hunter rain boots. Besides, who am I going to run into that I know, right? WRONG. My husband and I get inside get the popcorn and on the way out the door I here, "Jenn." Seriously..... I turn around and it is one of my coworkers and his gorgeous wife who I hadn't met yet. So, I'm just standing there like, 'hi, I look homeless/bad fashion day/ rain storm screwed me.. nice to meet you!'

I have definitely never been the person to where pajama pants to the store but I think shorts, a sweatshirt and rain boots might top that. Have you ever left the house in questionable attire thinking that you wouldn't run into anyone that you know, only to run into someone? Murphy's Law... I'm almost positive that that is a real thing.