I know family members who went completely white pretty young. I have other family members and friends who still haven't seen one. Well, unannounced to me, while doing my hair this morning, I found one. One greyish silver strand at the top of my head. I have been dying my hair, getting highlights or foils since I was in the 8th grade so who knows how many there could be under there! Nothing will ruin your day like your first gray hair.

But, it has got me thinking.... What am I doing in my life that is causing me more stress then I should have? Is it because of things in my life or is it just going to happen early whether I like it or not? I always think of those pictures they have of the president; when they first take office and when they are about to exit. This is my proof that it is life and not just biology. So, when did you get your first gray hair?