Today I was talking with a coworker about her son having an obsession with Imagine Dragons and their song "Thunder". At first I was like ugh I hate when people play the same song and or artist over and over. Then I took a step back and realized I am that person! I can not help put every time I get in the car I have to rock my boys!

Exabit A of how long I have loved them. This is a sample pack of shampoo and what not from their show from 1999. Still not opened to this day. Yes those are also the buttons I wore at the show on my super over sized N-Sync shirt.


Exhibit B: That is a picture of me taking a picture of J.C while my mother is taking a picture of me taking the picture at the sound check we got into. Thank you to MSN dial- up... that is how we got in to it!


AAAANNNNDDDD This is me before the first show. I had style I know. Who is the one artist you have loved most of your life?! Just so you know I did not wear that to the show.