Warning. I'm about to brag about my amazing husband for a minute because he's a ROCKSTAR. Not only does he kill it at work, he come's home and brews beer and crafts things out of wood and makes the best dang steaks I've ever had and then on top of ALL of that he manages to find the time to think of something so sweet that he knows I will love.

I have mentioned that we are building a house and we have been going through all of the design processes and meetings with our broker and real estate agent. Well, the time has finally come to sign all the contracts this coming Monday, promising that we will stick with what we picked and pay for it HAHA! Here's the sweet husband moment. Spenser pulls out this fancy box and inside is a beautiful pen (pictured below).  He proceeds to tell me that he bought that pen to use when we sign our contracts and then he is going to have it framed and put up in the house when it's finished being built. *insert a lot of awwwwwwws here* I cant even! How does he do it?! What a thoughtful gift and something we get to cherish together forever.


Alright, now I want to know, what has your husband/ significant other done for you that is praise worthy?