Today I had one of those mornings where it just hit me: I need to start eating better. I'm not talking about going on some quick diet to lose a few pounds (I need to do that too), but more like putting some healthier options in my normal rotation.

Salad is definitely not on my list of favorites, but I need to try and get it there, so for your salad aficionados out there, who has your favorite salad? If it has meat, cheese and croutons, great! Something that will fill me up and ultimately be better for me than a burger and fries.

I know there are lots of health nuts in Billings. We are in fact one of the thinnest states in the union, so by all means tell me where you go when you're looking for a healthy meal.

Here are my favorite spots so far:

  • C.J's - Good salad, but it's pretty hard for me to smell barbecue and not partake
  • Soup & Such - Great salad bar, but I tend to fill up on creamy soups - way more "& Such" than salad.
  • Athenian - Where else would you go for a Greek salad?
  • Grains Of Montana - Not exactly fat free, but some great tasty options in that place