With the weather heating up and not dropping below 90, I am in the mood for some good old fashion swimming. I know Montana has hundreds of lakes and rivers, but Billings seems to only have the Yellowstone River. Which, don't get me wrong, is a beautiful river and an amazing fishing haven... but as far as 'swimming holes' go, I haven't heard of many.

I've been told that Duck Creek Bridge (Duck Creek Rd), which crosses over the Yellowstone River, is a popular swimming location because the current isn't fast there and there are small inlets which can be swam in, too.  Other than that, people have only suggested water parks. As fun as those are, it's tough being 27 years old, with no children, and just going to hanging out at a water park. Am I wrong?

So, Billings friends, where are your favorite places to take a dip and cool off in this summer heat? Is there places near by that I am missing or my friends are not sharing? Also, if you have a pool, I expect to be invited!