The holidays can be a time of cheer and joy and celebration. Everyone gets together and makes memories. But, for some, the holidays are a time when they get stuck with family that aren't like them, they find annoying and that they generally try to avoid. It goes without saying that not every family is going to get along perfectly and sometimes the holidays just make things worse.

One of our listeners, Brad, Facebook messaged me this morning and said that he hasn't talked to his mother-in-law since last Christmas. He has always felt like he was not good enough for his wife's family and whenever they hangout together it is just a breeding ground for feeling less-than-perfect and trying to just make it through the few hours of dinner, etc. Well, last Christmas Brad got frustrated enough and let everything he'd been stuffing just come out...while making Christmas cookies. He blames the cookies for starting the disagreement but then, just like any argument, he brought up allllll the other things that drive him nuts.

Yikes! But, I know Brad isn't alone. Who haven't you talked to because of a disagreement during the holidays?

As lame as it may sound, the holidays are always the best time to 'come around.' So, go reconcile with your sister or brother, in-laws or children. It probably was a dumb argument and it can be worked out. Nothing is worth not speaking over for years!