Britney Spears was the first CD that I remember getting. I was a third grader and at the time I would steal my parents video recorder, which was the size of a microwave, and record myself doing dance moves to the whole CD. I basically thought I was Britney Spears!

Yes, she had some moments. But you know what, everyone has moments. Hers just happen to be televised and in pictures. Imagine if you made the wrong choices and picked the bad boys and had it all over magazines... Not so pretty, huh?  Below is the brand spankin' new music video for Britney's new single 'Make Me.' Yes, some might think it is a bit risque, but honestly if I went through the past that Britney did and I was able to come back out the other end with that body and hair, with a boss babe attitude, I would too.

Enjoy. Oh, and she clearly still loves the 90's (i.e. that beginning ponytail.)