Money, Money, Money! We all need it and want it. I am right there with you, Cat Pack. Living comfortably and not having to worry about paying that next bill or bills is something I have longed for ever since I was a little kid. Yes, I thought about that when I was little.

It's always on my mind. I can't get rid of the thoughts and it drives me crazy.

Then, I read a story like this:

A kid named Jason Pelts from Milwaukee invested his $1,500 savings account and turned it into a $1 million portfolio. Say what? Yeah. And I wonder how I am going to get toilet paper for the next week.

His first big trade made about $8,000 in ten minutes from a small company that sold health supplements. Soon after, Pelts used his method to make $215,000 from Fannie Mae in a single day and the process for him just kept growing and growing.

It's a genius type of thing, I suppose.

It's just like those crazy inventions that go hog wild. I usually come up with the idea and then see the commercial for it before I even have time to put it on paper.

It's a good thing I love what I do so much.

What crazy ways have you heard of people gaining a lot of money fairly quickly?