You've got a chance to win $10,000 with our free money contest that kicked off this week. ICYMI, we give out 10 code words per day, at the top of each hour, from 8AM to 5PM. The more code words you enter on our mobile app or website, the better your odds of winning. Pretty simple, right?

Let's daydream for a minute on how you could spend that $10K. Sure, you could put the money towards bills or pay off a credit card or auto loan balance but that would be far too responsible. Instead, let's spend that free cash on fun stuff! Here are 10 ideas on how you could spend $10,000 around Billings.

Credit: Harry Koyama

Replace your Hobby Lobby artwork with Harry Koyama prints.

Harry Koyama's Native American, landscape and wildlife paintings are instantly recognizable. Next time you are downtown, swing by his Montana Avenue gallery and check out his work. Originals are quite expensive, but you can order large prints (44"x58") for approximately $2550 each.

Credit: Aire

Head to Sunshine Sports and buy a sweet raft.

Spending a day on the river is a lot more fun if you've got a boat. While you can't buy a new jetboat for $10K, you can certainly get a really nice raft. Sunshine Sports carries a variety of brands with many models starting around $5,000, leaving you plenty left over for a new cooler, some lifejackets and a pair of oars.

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Have a dinner date at the Buffalo Block one-a-week for (almost) a year.

The Buffalo Block at the Rex is arguably one of the nicest restaurants in Billings and it is priced accordingly. Their food is top-notch and dinner for two can easily hit $200. If you win $10K, you and your date can enjoy dinner 50 times in the next year.

Credit: Angry Hank's

Refill your growler at Angry Hank's every day... for the next 3 1/2 years.

$10K might not sound like a fortune, but when you realize you can refill a $8 growler every single day for over three years, it kind of puts it into perspective.

Google Maps

Drop some coin in the gun vault at Cabela's.

Ammo is still nearly impossible to find in-stock around Billings, but the gun cases are full at Cabela's. Everybody knows they keep the really interesting stuff in the "vault." With an extra $10K in your pocket, you won't have to feel guilty spending a few grand on some new additions for your collection.

Credit: Yellowstone Polaris

Make tracks to the ATV dealership and buy a quad.

While side-by-sides are becoming increasingly popular, it's tough to beat a nice four-wheeler. The 2021 model seen above is sitting on the showroom floor at Yellowstone Polaris and it can be yours for just $8,349.

Credit: Rolex

Slap some class on your wrist with a Rolex from Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers.

To those who say watches are a dying business, I say hogwash. A classy watch is timeless (sorry for the pun) and you can purchase a Rolex Submariner like the one seen above for $8,100.

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Live like a king at The Northern Hotel for a month.

With your newfound wealth, you could book a nice Billings hotel and let someone else worry about cleaning and bringing you food for a few weeks. A king suite at The Northern is currently available for $222 per night. You could book an entire month for around $6,660 which leaves you over $100 dollars per day to spend on room service.

Getty Stock/ThinkStock paulprescott72

Get the matching kitchen appliance set at Lowe's you've been drooling over.

Instead of blowing ten G's on a hotel room for a month (as tempting as that sounds), perhaps a better investment would be new kitchen appliances. Splurge on a double-oven and commercial-grade fridge. $10,000 should cover it.

Credit: S-Bar-S

Buy some space with a new shed.

It seems like no matter how much storage space you have, it's never quite enough. If you win $10,000, you'll probably buy even more stuff. You're going to need a new shed. Buy a 12'x24' model (seen above) at S-Bar-S in Lockwood for just $5,750.

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