And you think you and your best friends get in fights...

Early Thursday morning police were called to a scene where one woman had been hit by a car. Police soon found the other woman and determined that she hit the first woman with her car, on purpose, because they had been in a fight. Holy crap. I don't even know... I know I've been mad at friends, or my husband or family before, but never SO mad that I felt like getting into my car and running them over! I mean... I may have felt like doing that at one point or another but I never ACTUALLY did it! I can't decide if I should laugh or feel bad. Here is the full news report:

KCTR Newsroom - In the early morning hours on Thursday, an unidentified Billings woman told police she was intentionally struck by a car following an altercation.
The 20-year-old woman was taken to a Billings hospital with serious, but not life threatening injuries.  The driver, 20-year-old Cassandra Quintana of Billings, is being held on suspicion of felony criminal endangerment and driving under the influence in connection to the incident.  Billings Police responded to a call regarding the disturbance at approximately 3 a.m. Thursday to 2219 Maple St., where the initial disturbance involving the two women was reported.  Billings Police Lt. Mark Cady said the altercation started in the Maple St. front yard. Quintana is accused of getting into a Dodge Avenger and striking the woman before hitting a cinder block wall attached to a home. She fled the scene but was soon caught by police officers and taken into custody.  The investigation is ongoing.