After a very public departure from One Direction in March 2015 and a consequent war of words with some of the band's remaining members in the press, Zayn Malik appears to call for a ceasefire in new song "BeFour."

Malik released the fourth track from the forthcoming Mind of Mine this morning (March 17) in a tweet that read "set it on fire." And the song, a slow, burning jam, seems to achieve precisely that.

"If there's something I want / I'll take all the right wrongs / Now, I'm gonna stay in my zone / I'm tired of picking that bone / And I can't be bothered to fight it no more, no," Zayn offers without apology between insistence that it's "Time for me to move up" and lamenting that "Shame is you won't say that to my face."

Malik first shared a teaser of "Befour" during a November 2015 interview with The Faderduring which he said "once [fans] hear [the new album], I feel like they will understand me a little bit more, and they’ll understand why I did what I did, and why I left [One Direction]."

Mind of Mine is due out March 25, exactly one year after Malik left 1D, and "BeFour" is now instantly available to anyone who pre-orders the album. Malik is set to perform some of his newest material on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on March 24, and fans can also listen in to a special album release set the day after, which will include a Q&A with Elvis Duran, via iHeartRadio.

Listen to "BeFour" above and share your thoughts in the comments.

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