Zayn Malik is probably known just as much for his sartorial style these days as he is his brand of moody, R&B infused sex-pop. In fact, his love for edgy fashion (like shiny metal robot arms) even seems to trickle into his relationships: He's dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, after all. (Well, on and off, anyway.)

However, the "PILLOWTALK" singer switched things up for the September issue of GQ, trading in his signature dark, sexy, structured pieces (including long, haute couture coats which the artist particularly loves, according to his stylist Jason Rembert) for an overall scruffier, rockier, grungier look––though still with a massive designer price tag––and he loves it.

"It’s about being happy to look a bit scruffy," he told the magazine about his style, which has transformed over the years from squeaky-clean boy band cute to smoldering high fashion heart-breaker.

"I just got into the whole rock sort of feel to clothes––big boots, skinny jeans, and a dark T-shirt, and rings. Just the grungy feel..." he added. "Style is not being afraid to be bold about some things, or to say what it is you have to say."

Zayn, who currently boasts two fashion lines of his own as well as a shoe collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, also told GQ that he feels "blessed" to be able to not only express his sense of style so freely, but be welcomed into the fashion community.

"I'm being very, like, blessed at the minute by God or whoever it is, fate or whatever, so um, there's a lot of offers come our way at the minute with different things to do with fashion," he said, adding, "And hopefully I get to get involved in all of them. I'd love to just continually have a presence, because I feel like it's very heavily tied into music and the image and the fashion, and it's all kind of one thing. So you kinda gotta be in there, I guess."

See a preview from his collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, below:

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