What were we even doing with ourselves before — err, befour — Mind Of Mine?

Yes, we can continue to moan and groan about the demise of One Direction due to the premature departure of ZAYN, the artist formerly known as Zayn Malik, but the reality is that his new solo #RealMusic is kind of the business. Like, officially.

"PILLOWTALK" was undoubtedly a great moment for fans of pillows, talking, and talking to pillows while doin' it, and "iT's YoU" was an incredible moment of dreamy, swoon-filled, haphazardly capitalized balladry for vibrato (Zaynbrato) enthusiasts everywhere.

Now there's "LIKE I WOULD," and it appears we've got yet another hit on our hands — and also his most uptempo banger of the bunch...so far.

The song's a bit like The Weeknd's livelier hits, a la "Can't Feel My Face" — a little eerie with all those ghostly backing vocals and that atmospheric production, until funking it up a notch with an undeniable electronic strut.

And evidently, the Prince of Pillow Talking is still very much into doin' it.

"He-e-e-e-e...won't touch you like I do."

It's a tune, for sure, although he needs to be honest and provide some receipts for all these claims. Can Zayn really do us right? I volunteer as tribute.

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