Zayn Malik's sexy "Pillowtalk" single dropped less than a week ago, but he's eager to share more fruits of his labor in the studio. And though this latest snippet's all too brief, the newly-minted solo artist clearly knows which side his bread's buttered on, fanwise: The scruffy, shirtless side!

The singer-songwriter, who visited Z100's Elvis Duran Show this morning (February 2), posted a 10-second video to Twitter. It was captioned "Late Nights" — which is ostensibly the name of the song, and not a reference to the excellent Jeremih mixtape and album of the same name. Zayn nods with approval at the muddled audio, which seems to align with the R&B-leaning sound he's delving into on his upcoming debut Mind of Mine.

Mind of Mine is reportedly set for release on March 25 — yes, exactly one year to the day when he quit One Direction. Life is all about symmetry, you know? According to Zayn's interview with Apple Beats 1's Zane Lowe, MoM (heh) will have "17 or 18" tracks curated from a staggering "46,47" tracks he'd written, and features a collaboration with rising R&B star Kehlani.

Share your thoughts/questions/concerns about the upcoming release, and listen to Zayn tell Elvis Duran about the meaning of "Pillowtalk" — it's not JUST about sex, you pervs — in the clip below.

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