Wow!  What a great night of trivia last night!  Almost too good, if you know what I mean. It wasn't our biggest night so far, but it was one of the most fun we've had I think.

If you've never been there before,you are missing out, big time.  We had 10 teams last  night, with about 40 people playing trivia.  Phew, them's were some smart peeps too! Ha,ha! I only knew a handful of correct answers and they were kickin my behind!

We always hold it at The Stadium Club, on Wednesdays and it starts at 8 p.m..  And we ALWAYS have a GREAT time! Trivia question range from catagories such as Gen-Ed, Music, Montana Facts, etc.  So you never know what you're going to get. Which keeps things fresh and interesting.

Congrats going out to our winning teams!  In first place: The Bartenders.  For real, yo.  They kicked butt!  I'm a big fan of my 'tenders and 'maids.  They are some pretty cool folks that always treat me exceptionally well, but I'm not just being nice here.  They rocked it!! But since they work there, they couldn't "Officially" win. Sad face here.

In second place(Or first place and pictured above): "The Late Guy Again" team!  They really pulled it out towards the end and ended up winning our 1st place prize!  Way to go guys/gals!

Third place was taken by "Downton Billings"!  I love these guys/gals!  Super nice, lots of fun and man are they smart!!!!!!  They walked away with our $15 bar tab and lots of laughs(I hope at least).

So, if you missed it.  Join us next week.  I double dog dare you too!