Downton Billings!!  Yay!  This team shows up every week and they show up in force!  This week, they were even down a couple of people and they still rocked it!

Wow!  What a great night of trivia last night!  Almost too good, if you know what I mean.Tons of fun and some pretty hard categories!

If you’ve never been there before,you are missing out, big time.  We had 11 teams last  night, with about 50 people playing trivia.  Phew, them’s were some smart peeps too! Ha,ha! I only knew a handful of correct answers and they were kickin my behind!

We always hold it at The Stadium Club, on Wednesdays and it starts at 8 p.m..  And we ALWAYS have a GREAT time! Trivia question range from catagories such as Gen-Ed, Music, Montana Facts, etc.  So you never know what you’re going to get. Which keeps things fresh and interesting.

Congrats going out to our winning teams!  In first place: Downton Billings  For real, yo.  They kicked butt! If there's a team to beat, it's them!

So, if you missed it.  Join us next week.  I double dog dare you too!