Baby, you're so classic!  When I first heard this I actually thought it was a remake of Michael Jackson's song called "ABC".  Not for the first time(I can admit), I was wrong.

I love this song!  It's upbeat, fun and easy to listen to...over and over and over and.....well, over.  Yeah, I like it that much. Sick of me isn't it? Ha,ha!

Wikipedia has this to say about MKTO and "Classic":

"Classic" is a song by American pop duo MKTO (Malcolm David Kelley and Tony Oller). Written by Evan "Kidd" BogartAndrew GoldsteinEmanuel Kiriakou and Lindy Robbins,[1] "Classic" was first released on June 20, 2013[2] as the second single from the duo's self-titled debut album.


 In the United States, "Classic" debuted at number ninety-six on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming MKTO's first single to chart in North America. It has so far peaked at number thirty-nine, becoming the group's first top forty hit in the US. In addition to the Hot 100, "Classic" has also charted at number twenty on the US Mainstream Top 40, becoming the duo's second top forty hit on this chart.


So there you have it!  Now?  It's time to listen to it!

Pretty "Catchy" as my parents would say, right?  I hope you liked it too! Any suggestions for next weeks pick?  Let me know!!!