Check out the pictures from the Montana Rescue Mission's 2nd Annual Hopefest 2013 on September 21st!

It was tons of fun last week with the Montana Rescue Mission!  Friday night we had the "Human Domino" out at Faith Chapel and if you've never heard of it before, than you have been missing out.  We had 128 volunteers for this event and hope to double that next year!

Photo Courtesy of Josh Price, TSM

Then on to the concert!  Phil Wickham was amazing!  I've never heard of him before, and after listening to him, I was shocked.  That guy has some pipes!

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole, TSM

Then on to Saturday! Race Day!  There were about 24 different bed racers and they looked amazing! We didn't win our first run or the second, but it was fun and scary at the same time.  I had to ride on the bed, with my fellow team mates pushing me towards the finish line. Phew! Glad I had the silly looking helmet on! Which of course looked, "Not Hot", there for I will not be putting it up here!

Photo Courtesy of Josh Price, TSM

Food Services of America took home 1st place in the Bed Races, and it was a well deserved win too.  In fact, I don't think they lost one single race! Their bed looked pretty awesome too.

So if you managed to make it then you know how much fun it was.  If not, then I expect to see you next year at the 3rd Annual Hopefest 2014!  As a side note, all proceeds went to benefit the Montana Rescue Mission.  Thank you to their other sponsors: Mattressland USA and Pierce RV!  Also a big thank you to all of the volunteers, workers and more!  You guys and gals put on a great event!