I recently took a trip out of Billings. I won't disclose the airline or destination because I'm classy like that. Anyhow, I get to the airport and I put my bag up on the scale at the kiosk and it weights 52 pounds and the gentlemen says "Ma'am you are over the 50 pounds, you will need to transfer something to your other suitcase."  I thought it was a hassle so I asked what the charge for overages was and he said $100. WHAT?! Alright.... So I ended up moving things around so that I wouldn't have to pay the extra.

Fast forward to me coming home from undisclosed location. Again, I put my bag up on the scale (note, I'm still with the same airlines) and it reads 51 pounds. Dang it!!! I start to grab the bag to move things around again and the lady says "Oh, you're good. It's only one pound."   HUH?!?! I'm sure you can image my confusion.

This is why I'm writing... What is the cutoff? Mr airline man wouldn't let me have it at two pounds over but Mrs airline lady was cool with one pound. Here are all the questions rolling in my head:

  1. Is it a gender thing? Men don't care maybe and the woman understood because well she's a girl and we pack more stuff?
  2. Was it the location? Billings vs. wherever?
  3. Was it the time of day? Early morning vs afternoon?
  4. Is one pound just enough to bend the rule but bending at two pounds is a clear no-no?

I realize it could be a million different factors but I'm over here like ummmmm all the bags are going to the same place so if I'm allowed three bags at 50 pounds each (150 pounds) but my one bag is 52 pounds thennnn we have a problem? I'm not trying to be angry at the system and I KNOW there has to be rules or else people will try and get away with a lot of different crap. But still, I'm just like potato pot-a-a-to!