By now you have probably heard that I am the new girl from Seattle! And with being the new girl comes all of my coworkers asking me questions and learning about me and me asking questions and finding out info about them. It's all fun and games until you have reviled info that is deemed hilarious. My coworkers insisted that I share some of these to you. So, here are the Top 5 Things To Know About JP:

  1. I know how to needle point. My grandma taught me when I was younger and I absolutely loved it and still do. If you have no idea what needle point is then you need to look it up!
  2. I am an only child. If you are an only child, have a friend that is an only child, married or dating one or have just been around one then you know that we are a unique breed. At the end of the day though, I didn't have to share food or clothes when I was younger. And for that, I am thankful!
  3. I've never seen the movie Super Troopers. Laugh all you want but you can revert to number two and probably figure that one out. I will eventually get around to it!
  4. I love Asian food- all of it. I seriously could eat any combination of it for every meal... No joke. One of these days I'm going to confirm that somewhere in my family line there is an Asian person!
  5. I am only 5'3". I have been told by people that when they hear me that I sound tall and my reply is 'how does one sound tall?'.  I will never understand that one, but it is hilarious!

Well, there you have it. Interesting, funny or not, those are five random things about me!