Originally I wrote about the best tacos here in Billings and I can stand behind all of them because they are delicious. However, sense venturing to Red Lodge, which I know isn't Billings, I have discovered some of the best tacos I have EVER had. And that's saying a lot because my love for tacos starts all the way back in 1988, the year of my birth in the mecca for tacos... San Antonio, Texas. No, I wasn't eating tacos at birth, but you are born with that love I'm also certain.

Yes I know, I talk about hailing from Seattle. Which is true. That is where I moved from and I did grow up in the Pacific NW. However, I was born in Texas and that forever makes me a Texan. Plus, San Antonio isn't just another town in Texas. It literally has the best Mexican and Tex-Mex food I have ever had. So, saying that these tacos in Red Lodge are the best, is a huge deal.

Mas Taco. Write this down and keep it and when you get a chance, like as soon as you can, take the quick 45 minute drive towards the mountains. You won't regret it. As soon as you roll into the main downtown area it is on our left hand side. Really small place but you might notice a line because every time I have gone there it has been packed! The menu is quite simple also. There are about five choices (shrimp, pork, chicken, steak, veggie) and the food mixed with the meat is already predetermined. You just decide if you want that in a street taco form or a burrito, etc.

I could be wrong. There could be other places around that I have missed. But, I'm telling you guys, these tacos are my current favorite!